Backup success events send an email Server 2008

Did you know that every Windows 2008 server has a rudimentary network management feature built-in? This is the event-based task that you can create to take an action upon seeing a particular event in a Windows log. All Windows Backup events are recorded in the Microsoft-Windows-Backup log on the local computer. Follow these steps to check this log for backup successes and send an email when a successful backup takes place.

  1. Open event viewer and navigate to Applications and Services Logs | Microsoft | Windows | Backup.
  2. Select a backup success event which has the source ‘Microsoft-Windows-Backup’ and the Event ID: 4.
  3. Right-click on the event and select Attach Task to This Event…
  4. Select to Send an Email, and follow the prompts to assign a recipient address and SMTP server. Figure B shows this task staged and ready to send an email after every successful backup.
  5. Use a common recipient address across multiple servers.
  6. Monitor the common recipient mailbox or distribution group for daily receipt of a successful backup event from every server that is expected to send one.


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