Security tool-removal

Reboot in safe mode
browse to C:Documents and settingsall users application data

There will be a folder in there that has eight numbers as a name (ex 91908431)

Delete this bad boy, empty recycle bin

Reboot normally, delete all left over shortcuts, empty recycle bin again and you are home free.

However, for me, it was found under C:program data (and not documents and settings). I discovered
this by right cliking on Security Tool while I was in safe mode and then going to “open folder
location”. This took me right to its location and I was able to delete it. In fact, I had 5 files
to delete with the 8 digit code. THANKS, it did work!!! I’m back on my computer again without all
the problems of Security Tool.

Tried most things. Nothing worked.
Finally found a % 100 fix.
Start computer in safe mode
Switch off system restore(switch back on afterwards)
Delete all Temp folders C:Documents and settingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTemp
Open up internet explorer>Internet options>Delete browsing history(cookies ect) and delete everything.
Delete all referance to this bug in ‘application data’(look posts before for nav instructions)
Run Malwarebytes

I also had this annoying virus, this is what i did to remove it:

– Write down the 8-digit code, can be found in processes or when you hoover over the security tool icon
– Start up in safe mode (F8)
– Search for code in windows search (make sure to click, search hidden folders)
– It will probably in some application data folder, just remove it
– Profit $$$

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